Hi, I’m Kike Acosta and I’m, 27 years old. My passion for photography began when I was 10 years old, but it wasn’t until I turned 17 that I decided to start my professional photography studies in Colegio Americano de Fotografía Ansel Adams, in Monterrey, México. There I learnt about analog photography, photo lab management and how to reveal in black and white.
At the age of 18 I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study advertising at Universidad de Belgrano, and it was there, after three years of study, that I confirmed my love for advertising photography and I decided to study in Aloha Photo School, also located in Buenos Aires. During the next three years I worked at Aloha as well as with different photographers and producers from Buenos Aires, which helped me to develop my potential not only as a photographer, but as an assistant photographer, digital operator and producer.
I’ve been a full time photographer for three years and my skills are food, product and fashion photography, but getting involved in so many projects during my formative years and working in all kinds of areas, made me have what I need to see every detail based on the type of photo that I’m creating, being able to produce all types of photography project with high quality. 
I am currently living in Monterrey, Mexico and thanks to photography I’ve had the opportunity to travel to create different types of work so my camera and I are willing to travel to help you carry out your project.

Contact: kikee.acosta@gmail.com
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